• joerl4 5w

    Situationship •

    This mutual attraction is their kryptonite.
    They put in effort to stay away from each other's sight.

    When they're in the same vicinity
    Everything around them defines divinity.

    They degrade time whenever their lips touch
    And the rhythm of their heartbeats match.

    She said to him, "I think I need some time away".
    He held back tears when he said "Please stay".

    She said, "We both know this is unhealthy".
    He replied, "Let's not try to fix it if it's not faulty".

    A union with no label.
    No cards laid on the table.

    The joy lasts for a lifetime till they crave mental peace.
    Then one or both suggests all hook ups should seize.

    Friends to lovers is okay
    But lovers to friends, no way.

    They agree to take a break
    And hope their bond is not at stake.