• ps_write 5w

    It's all number games folks

    Match or Mismatch it's all number games

    Like sequentially arranged in either descending or ascending order forming a puzzle. Like puzzles forming an image of some celebrity person we know and sometimes we don't.

    Every single fuckin second you bump into a new person who is like you or just the opposite.

    But age is just a number & infact it is indeed applicable to both young and old ones coz we know being young one thinks he or she is matured and being old one wants to live his or her life to the fullest and live like young, wild and free before he or she even encounters that fag end of his or her life.

    So you see people we meet regularly are either arranged in this game of puzzle either horizontally or vertically, in either descending or ascending order. We need to keep flipping them and see if we are either compatible with odds or evens, with superset or subset in this number game.