• firozakauser 23w


    When others glorify their love stories,
    I have a story about love.
    The only one i ever knew.
    Never perfect, but a beautiful mess.
    We have lost in the end.
    But forever in my heart it will remain.
    Years back, when you knocked in.
    Little did i know, how madly i will love you then.
    Those small eyes and a cute smile.
    A faded memory starts to form an eclipse.
    And i crave for your voice to soothe my ache.
    All i ever wanted was you to glow.
    But darling, why did you break me in two.
    And yet again, i want your lips against mine.
    But baby, you were never mine.
    As all i ever wanted was to love you unconditionally...
    But honey, why did you play mercilessly.
    And you know it too, no one is ever gonna love you like i do.
    I was always yours....
    But could i ever call you mine?

    - Firoza Kauser.