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    And Darling
    Do you know ?
    How much do you mean to me ?

    There is no time in my everyday routine
    Without you in my mind

    When I woke up from the bed
    I use to think isn't She's awake ?

    And when I drink a cup of coffee
    I still think did she had her cup of coffee ?

    When I have my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner
    I use to think Doesn't She had hers?.
    Sometimes I did eat even after you had yours
    For many practical adults it might seem to be crazy
    But this small sentiments makes me complete !

    Every time when I hit my stereo sound system on
    I use to think about you and I use to feel the verses were written for us alone and
    These playlists shall tell about
    How much you mean to me ?

    Even while I drive sometimes I cry
    Why Still I miss her ?
    Though I love her like
    Nothing in This world Can love like me

    Yet You seem to be damn far from me
    And This long distance of yours
    with me is killing me !

    Even when I sleep
    I use to think about
    are you sleeping peacefully ?

    And darling, They may say
    I am ruled by the dark and has a bitter past
    Even they say he is Harmful
    and has a poisonous stinger inside him.

    But beneath this hard shell
    Lies a Beautiful and A loyal heart
    That tries to protect itself
    and also the things he Love

    I dont even know whether you can understand
    Either you do Love me back
    Or you avoid me and fly away too far from me
    Halfway across this world
    But this Creature will still
    Love you
    like no one can do..!
    Baby I love you
    To the infinity !