• mythrayee 5w

    Hey people out there, this is an attempt for a fanfiction of a crickter. There will be an hidden clue in every post if you get who is the player do let me know.

    I thought why not use this platform to share my fanfiction through this app and so it happened
    It is a mix of many fantasy things and some facts about the cricketer in each and ever post.

    Wait for the next post, I think weekly two posts will be updated.

    Please do read and comment your thoughts on the same.

    Will let you know much about him in upcoming posts.
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    Yeah, It's HIM

    I thought the 1st ball was a catch out but a bit later realised that the catch was after the boundary rope and also when the umpire's hands raised in the air slowly, yeah it was a six and am out of words to express myself because it was My Man who played as the opener that day and it was his 1st match and he scored a decent 10 runs as a 1st time opener to Indian Team, it is something great right.