• missbluntspeaks 23w

    My love.

    My kind of love isn't for you who believes love and loyalty could be taken for granted.
    My love isnt meant for your condescending and selfish means of life.
    Only if I spent my kind of love on myself,
    I would never have looked outside and met someone like you.
    If only I knew then,that true love isnt about getting validation from someone you love but being accepted for this beautiful imperfection that I am,you would have never made a place for yourself in my beautiful flawed heart.
    If only I knew what I saw in you was a facade and u seemed perfect only because I chose to see you that way.
    If only I gave myself the love i denied myself And kept looking at you for it.
    If I knew then what I knew now,
    My life would have been so different now.