• anikate_gautam 23w


    It was raining from the noon,
    From sunshine till there was shining moon,
    Roads became the drains,
    Drains there just refrained,
    Life was caught under the roof,
    Some who tried to enjoyed-
    No one found their death proof,
    Living there became so dry,
    living with water around,
    but drinking it no one could even try,
    Now I think dying was a better option,
    Since one cannot live with nothing for absorption,
    Living there felt like living in a cage,
    Not in present jail but of the british age,
    Someone, Somewhere tried to rescue,
    Operation was sucessful
    'cause they themselves were rescued,
    Death was planned early by the God,
    So it had to come by his will or by fraud,
    Charter was issued to save thy lives,
    But they found them under water-
    Buried Alive!