• lowqee 22w

    The aftermath

    Smoldering ashes burn out all around
    As our home we both built u let burn to the ground
    We both said that our love would hold true to the end yet at this point i cant even call you my friend
    Your apathy and lack of understanding made for a disaterous crash landing causing my time on cloud nine to come to a halt with no fault of mine
    Its sad to think about your future because in present i know you act like theres nothing in store but as you view it unclear the things that you possess you will no more
    Ransacked and pillaged i see eminetly waiting yet as i warn with my words you deny delusionaly debating
    I wish you could have just understood i knew you and I would stay true instead by mistake it was our love that you slew you thought it was fake and could not be authentic doubting and making me look for a second because baby for me you were my first and now i see how you were my curse maybe your age was the factor age is just a number and your just an actor because speaking of love that you never can show stunts the emotion i was trying to grow its sad to think my babies wont be yours and most likely it will be hades that your heading for I wish i could greet you when you stood at our door but remenents of this structure that once housed our love is all that remains no doubt numb to this pain smoked out so insane that theres no need for a drug. 6-9-16- to 6-18-17 R.I.P from me to you this pain must just cease so sorry BAEBOO