• anushagangesh 6w

    Who knew what happened to different
    parts of the land where it rained?
    Who knew which flowers bloomed
    in each person's heart when it rained?
    Was it love coming in the form of rain?
    Or was it just a reason to drain the pain?
    Would the neurons mind sending an impulse to the brain?
    Nevermind! What would u finally gain?
    Would your heart skip a beat? Calm down!
    It would happen if ur palpitations aren't neat
    Is your arrector pili contracting alot? Don't worry! It's because of virat kohli
    Is it too thrilling to go on a bike?
    Show me what exactly love looks like!
    To me it's just like the tubarial salivary gland
    Which i dint know existed !
    Can love happen twice?
    Even if it does, try not to go in disguise