• limz97 10w

    BBQ source ( revenge story)Limz poetry Collection

    Shoot them back, they shot my brother, so I shot all thier, family members up.

    One by one, I looked into their eyes, no tears but fear, no happiness but time compressed, just 2 hours earlier.

    My bro was getting ready, for his scholarship, he had his clothes ready and he was looking smart.

    I hour later, we took pictures, all members, saying cheese, 30 mins later we had something to eat.

    20 min later, my bro went to change his clothes, he was ready for his brand new life, 10 mins later, he goes to the shop.

    Mum needed milk and I am the oldest so, I stayed and baby sited the lot, 30 min later, we all got that bad feeling in the gut.

    Another 40 minute,I had to walk up, I see a van with a green light, I follow it by the sound of siren and on the floor my brother dea !!! with the sauce.

    BBQ becomes my revenge, I switch off my phone and catch a ride, reload my millimetre and with the help of eye witnesses. I pull outside the perpetrator house.

    I knew that I had to watch my boys back and time was ticking, but revenge is sweeter, so I exist the car and burst right inside and tell my squad.

    Shoot them back, so they did and BBQ source went, every where, One by one I looked into their eyes, no tears but fear, no happiness, but time compressed, just yesterday, I was gonna, celebrate with my little brothers scholarship.