• silentink33 5w

    Don't forget You're special

    Not only coz of the Beauteous Face,
    Not only coz of the Alluring Grace.
    It's not just coz of the intoxicating Oceanic Eyes,
    It's not just coz of the ignition your Figure Summarize.
    You have always been my Peaceful Place,
    This occupied Locus in my heart nobody would ever Replace.

    Not coz of the silky fleece that waves down the nape,
    Not coz of the soft creamy Complexion, one can never Escape.
    It's not coz of the Fullness of your Lips,
    It's not coz of the strength your Muscle Equips.
    As I gaze upon ur beauty, my mind Blow,
    Never have I seen an Angel fly so Low !

    You are Beautiful!
    Coz you have a beautiful Heart,
    Coz you have love & empathy right from the start.
    It's coz you have Determination,
    Real Beauty is your Personification.
    In my life, you brought about detoxification,
    You took the pains and gave me a transformation.
    God made you beautiful giving confidence & wits,
    Hope, Love, Care, Empathy, Kindness are your accredits!