• imlchandana 5w

    My Kingdom of Heaven

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    Its has been almost a couple of months I left Kerala and surviving here in Delhi...
    Definately this city is great...Embracing and celebrating the diversity of our nation is truly astounding.

    But "Janani Jenma Bhumishcha Swargathapi Jariyasi",Mother and Motherland is greater than heaven.
    Nowhere in this World could ever compromise my native",This was a realisation Which came in my mind within these two months.

    I'm terribly missing Kerala. Our Climate, Food, Air and my teeny happy things...
    And above all today is Uthradam(First Onam) and Thiruvonam is On the way....This is the first ever Onam in my life, that I am staying away from my home.
    Today most of the Malayalees will be on "Uthradappachil"and celebrations are at its peak...But I'm here, Sitting in my PG room thinking about my place, my festivities and my good old days...
    I know I'm a bit selfish regarding this...

    Anyway,"Ella malayalikalkum ente hridhyam niranja onashamsakal"

    I do miss "God's own country",
    I do miss "My Kingdom of Heaven"