• thelostsoul_writes 14w

    #Depression #life
    This is what depression looks like.
    Depression is not an issue to ignore.

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    A life lost.

    Waking up each day isn’t easy
    Numbness persist
    Darkness just cling on
    The monster isn’t under the bed anymore
    It’s right inside
    And all the demons
    There’s a fight every day
    Sometimes it’s a win
    But the losing is overwhelming
    The heart breaks into million pieces
    The soul is ruptured
    There is no going back from the destruction
    Hollowness wrap around
    When emptiness can’t be filled
    The end seems near
    A dark path to go on
    The mind becomes the enemy
    And no more one can fight
    And then it’s the abyss
    One can only fall
    Never to return up
    When the fight is lost,
    A life is lost.