• hotaru_ 11w

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    Too far gone to reach my hand, too dark to see my light, too blind to see my pain. Take the scissors, cut the string and walk away silently. Allow the cries to disappear with you, allow the pain to follow you, allow the memories to fade away with you. Turning my back on everything I knew, removing the knife stuck within my chest. Blood is thicker than water and yet it left my body, leaving me empty and helpless. Replacing it with water, only to reveal what true strength meant. So I say goodbye to the memories, I say goodbye to the bond. I am sorry I could not help, I am sorry it went this far, I am sorry for leaving you behind. Facing what is in front of me and what is within, it became a never ending battle. Despite all the hatred, my heart aches. Despite all the anger, my heart cries. Despite all the pain, my heart regrets.