• queen_f_loyalty 10w

    I need a guy who take me to orphanage
    And show the true happiness in the
    Children living there on my Birthday.
    Not a guy who present me lots of
    Costly gifts, chocolates nd taking
    Me to some moonlight dinners.

    I need a guy who take me to his home
    And show the pics of his parents nd
    Express his for them on Valentine's day.
    Not a guy who propose me by giving a
    Rose nd kissing me on my lips
    And clicking some pics nd posting them.

    I need a guy who take me out at night
    And catch the holds of me in the
    Busy streets nd do shopping.
    Not a guy who take me to some
    Luxury shopping malls, nd hotels
    Where the smell of nature isn't good.

    I need a guy who make me to sit on
    Him nd feed me some tasty curd
    Rice prepared by him with love.
    Not a guy who bring me some delicious
    Food prepared by others nd serve me
    Them on dining table with respect.

    I need a guy who take me to ride
    On his bicycle to some beautiful nd
    Amazing place where we can feel eachother.
    Not a guy who plan some tours for
    Months in some uncomfortabe train
    And make it crowd among all.

    I need a guy who scold me when I'm
    Wrong nd who appreciate me when
    I'm right which leads me path to good life.
    Not a guy who doesn't say any good
    Or bad in me just because I may
    Get hurt nd say it to my parents.

    I need a guy who saves every penny from
    The salary he get every month for
    Our children in future.
    Not a guy who deposits lakhs of money
    At once and then not even thinking
    About daily nd spending it useless.

    I need a guy who give me a warm hug
    In the early morning nd a sweet kiss
    At the end of every day.
    Not a guy who romance with me the
    Whole day but feel nothing
    Expect a few minutes of pleasure.

    I need a guy who give me a handwritten
    Letter nd a single red rose for our
    Every year anniversary.
    Not a guy who present me some
    Gold necklace nd rings which can't
    Even be felt by my heart.

    I need a guy who find happines in my
    Smile nd sadness in my tears but
    Still end up acting he's fine.
    Not a guy who find happiness when
    I'm with him nd sadness when I'm
    Not around him nd fake it up.

    I need a guy who understand me
    Completely even before I say
    To him nd console me.
    Not a guy who can't understand
    What I'm going through even after
    Explaining many times.

    I need a guy who love me completely
    From his heart, soul nd body and
    Never leave my side in any situation.
    Not a guy who love me just because
    He has tied me the 3 knots nd has
    Some least responsibility to take care of me.


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