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    May be I am the one fortunate to meet new people, may be i am the one who is unfortunate to disconnect myself from society.
    Yesterday i remember in evening i was with bunch of people sitting on a terrace restro and they all were talking and in the same moment i just couldn't hear music or their voices, i didn't know when i fall in the traps of the thoughts that let me left that place and move into my zone. I often call it a place where zero meets infinity..
    I often use it just to stay calm when i am about to burst into sentiments.

    What it made me learn?
    It clearly shown me the path to the moments that are purely in my dreams but have a place in life which couldn't be replaced by people.

    We are always searching happiness around people but sometimes the real happiness is in our heart which wants to break the walls of restricted brain.

    We might not notice but our smile is best when we see ourselves achieving our dreams.
    We are being hearing the same words that you should love yourself first.

    And when someone asked what you thinking, i couldn't resist my smile because all I was thinking was the moments that couldn't be painted in words but just blossomed my emotions.

    I became so certain in last one year that if I learn to disconnect with society and give little more time to my emotions and thoughts it might cheer me up in the worst and motivate me in my rusty days.

    Why to find happiness around everyone whem you could feel of your own.

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    Being surrounded by World doesn't bring happiness but the Inncarnation of Thoughts blaze happiness all around.