• fkarathore 6w

    This Beautiful Thing I Learned Today.
    Even If Someone Killed Something Of Yours, (Emotionally)
    But You Somehow Survive That & Earn Your Sanity & Calmness And Happiness Again.
    You Should Go Back To Ground Zero With That Person.
    Because If You Overcame A Lot Despited Being Thrashed Than You Only Look At The Positive Of How Actually This Person Made You Reach A Better Than The Weren't Bad, What They Did Might Be, But Even If Indirectly, They Did Make You Better.
    It Can Be A Ruthless Criticizing Relative To Anyone Of Your Cheating Ex To Your Backstabbing BFF.
    So, Try To Reconnect And Forgive And Try To Bond With Them In A Humanity Level.
    Because Neglecting Someone Is Fine, Holding A Grudge Is Also Fine. What's Not Okay Is Not Giving Yourself & The Other Person A Chance Just To Be Human To Each Other.