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    An Unsaid Destiny

    I bade her with an unknown faith. I didn't knew that it would be our last ‘BYE’.As she went on her way and I went on mine. I met a lot of people but never got a girl like her. She was mysterious with a positive vibe with a silent look. She's beautiful just like the moon but hails fire just like the sun. Nothing is more precious than her warm smile as it lighten up anyone's heart and soul. Her eyes wants to says a lot but it seems no one is ready to listen her patiently. Maybe, everyone read her cover not the pages that she has written. She was left like an unsaid story, but still waiting that someone will come up and read her chapter's. She told me once, that she was designed to be alone but I knew wherever I'll go I'll stay with her like a shadow, so that whenever she's tired she can rest on my shoulders. And I can patt her back for doing well in the journey and upcoming countdown