• shab_sultana 5w

    Independent india? 2020

    I still remember those chilly winter nights and days,
    . I still remember those hue and cries,
    . I still remember the sudden abandonment,
    . I still remember those voices of resentment.
    . I still remember those protests and riots,
    . I still remember those fearful sleepless nights,
    . I still remember those half burnt houses and mosques,
    . I still remember those shattered faces and wound marks.
    . I still remember those refugee camps where i was sitting with those refugees under leaking roof from rain and thunderstorm all helpless...
    . I still remember those complete silence, when what actually needed was sheer utterance and coherence!

    . I still remember those labourers black days who walked miles and miles on the roads of thier own country labelled as migrants.
    . I still remember all the hustle and your publicity prayers,
    . I still remember the destruction and murder of unity in diversity and the way you polarised.
    . I still remember all your false promises and cheers.

    I know i am one among the thousands of victims whose trust you'd breached uncouth way without any shy!

    However i cannot blame you; For the fault was in my eyes.
    Alas! I can never forget and forgive your betrayals and lie...
    But let me remind myself Oh silly soul! Quran says~'With every hardship there comes ease."
    India is awaiting a high fly of freedom and independence; breaking all these stereotype cluster and clutches, to reach a new horizon and rise❣️#InshaAllah ~S@bz©