• constellationofthoughts 4w

    A letter to someone I don't want to lose

    Dear someone
    I have always admired you since the first days we met
    Gradually when I got to know you
    My admiration for you increased
    As days passed by I saw your determination,your patience,your kind nature
    And I was more in awe of you
    Slowly and gradually this admiration
    Grew into love
    I don't know when
    I don't know how
    All I know was I was surrounded by you completely
    Even before I realised
    You are the land I rested upon
    You are the home I will come back to everyday
    You are the comfort I seek
    You are the time that is eternity
    You are the one that gives me positivity
    You are the soul that matches to mine
    You are love all together redifened
    You are the imperfection that is perfection for me
    You are the face that every morning I want to see
    You are not just a special day
    You are my everyday
    You are my happiness
    You are my pain
    You are the one that in another life all over again will I chose
    You are the one I never want to lose