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    What we don't Store ?

    Gujaratis are used to store wheat, Rice and Pulses. But which grocery a gujarati don't store ?

    1. Flour - you can not eat bare wheat ofcourse. And not everyone have flour mill at home.

    2. Oil and ghee- how can you cook without oil and ghee ?

    3. Salt, baking soda, suger, turmeric and spices - will you be able to eat food without these ? For kind information summer is the time when everyone used to store it. But right now they are not able to store.

    4. Beans - what if the beans get over ?

    These are only few which is included in groceries. These are not luxurious items. These are the items which are required to live. If any of this item is not available. Definently we will have wheat but we won't be able to eat.