• shiityteenager 6w

    A vent poem

    A Crappy Poem

    I am a hellfire but for you I made myself Heaven,
    I tried my best to please you and make you smile,
    When in reality all I was doing was trying too hard
    Now Heaven is Gone! I will unleash my hellfire in its fury and power
    I know my place and I know my worth, all you have done is fuel my fire and fury,
    Thank you for the memories and moments
    But my heaven is gone.
    Now I will unleash my hellfire and my heart is heavy,
    I have tried to be the angel but the result is always the same,
    They always get burnt no matter how hard I try,
    Its makes me wonder why do I keep trying,
    Maybe I should just stop, maybe I should give up,
    But know the voices around me are encouraging me to never stop,
    But sadly there's a voice in me that says to stop . . .
    To just let go . . . I know you are a Angel . . .
    But why must you insist on this stupid Facade of yours that you are the hellfire!
    I know you . . . I know the light in your soul
    I have witnessed your loving, peaceful, sincere and I wonder how you always have such a endless supply of patience,
    But how why you expect me to change my hellfire for your heaven,
    But hey guess what? I'm done.
    I'll see you on the border, let's see if you truly believe in me,
    If not then your just proving my point!
    Why do I always make the same mistakes?
    Why do I always believe in them?
    Why do I always try to help them?
    Why do they always take a piece of me once they're done?
    Why . . . Do . . . I . . . Keep . . . Believing in them . . . ?