• yh_writing 23w

    Letter To Myself

    Dear, Me
    You're not your trauma. You are not your traumatic experiences wrapped up in a bow. You survived. Be proud of that. Stop thinking you're less than. You're more than you will ever know. Don't give people the key to your happiness. You've got this. If someone takes advantage of you it's not your fault. You have a big heart and that's rare so be proud of it. You're worth it. You always were. You always will be. I love you. Please love yourself more. Forgive yourself. It's okay you can't please everyone just yourself. I love you! And if you get down and forget please re-read this as much as you want. Because i believe in you and whatever your next chapter is go into it with confidence and without the need to please others. Its okay some people won't like you some people won't even love you as you love them and both of those things are okay. Because i love you. Be more than your trauma more than your broken pieces.

    Love myself ❤

    P.S Take it a day at a time