• steady 9w


    Love is a very strong word,as it is the strongest force of life.
    Love is a promise. It is what made A Man to give up His life for so many and A Father to give up His son to save mankind.
    Love is voice that speaks no particular language.
    It speaks in all form of deformity and senselessness.
    Many just throw the word without understanding that it is not just a word,if it were,mankind would not be.
    A friend once told me"you fall in love with you brain not your heart",true but the brain is the box of thought and reasoning that drives you towards understanding and the heart is what actually feeds that organ with blood needed to think and try to understand.
    Love is a senseless state of mind,it is not a problem nor a situation,it is a gift,a promise.
    It tends to turn right to left and left to right.
    You only try to understand it before you dive right in,but once you are in you learn.
    You can't understand it because you are not the author,you only read through and learn with each chapter.
    I think that was what Ed Sheeran was trying to say in his song"perfect".
    Someone sent me this song without understanding it at all.
    Love never end,it never get washed away,not even with time.
    Love is a promise to see beyond and above,to stand not to fall,to accept even without understanding.
    To endure.
    Love flows where there are no waters.
    The sisters to love are struggles,mistakes,trials,short comings and challenges but the mother is forgiveness.
    When a bird jumps from a tree it does not trust it wings but it trust the wind.
    You can't best love.The creator and author have seen it all but love still stands for sure.
    The reasons for heart breaks are trying to reason,best and understand a force you didn't make.
    Before you make a statement of love to anyone you must know that love is a promise.
    The most beautiful treasures of life takes very hard work to find.
    Love goes through unimaginable conditions to stand,it never miss leads.
    Trying to understand has made rocks out of bread.
    Love is to believe in the future even if the present is not convincing.
    You don't find love,love finds you.
    It comes with challenges but just as always it never backs down.