• uerowords 5w


    Sunlight penetrates the shade
    But the darkness grows stronger
    The halls echo with screams
    The screams of a lonely voice
    The screaming figure sits in a corner
    Avoiding the light
    Avoiding being seen
    The figure takes comfort in the shadows
    In the capsule of darkness's embrace
    The comfort of pain and loss
    The joy of sadness
    The fulfillment of dismay
    The figure, down on the ground
    The light reaches out
    And grabs the figure from its capsule
    The silhouette appears to be
    A lonely boy without a home
    Without the comfort of community
    He scurries back to his solace
    For he knows
    Once he's out, he'll be lost
    But the light doesn't let up
    It too is a figure
    A beauty he was yet to know
    This one light of day
    Tugs at the boy
    To lead him to the light
    Something he has never known
    Something he cannot understand