• balvendra 30w


    Time has taken a deep leap,
    Break has brought feelings to weep.
    Search for stability is on and on,
    But still mental balance has gone.
    More I think, more mind frustrates
    To spill emotions my heart hesitates.
    Can't understand what's going inside,
    Talk to whom I can't decide.

    Loneliness is eating me from within,
    Maybe it's result of my sin.
    Still I can't contemplate the situation,
    Hence it's increasing my own tension.
    Each passing day seems like weed,
    Which requires some sort of heed.
    This lapse is becoming simply unproductive,
    If not changed, could be destructive.

    Friends with whom I cherish myself,
    Are engrossed in world of themself.
    It's fine to rejoice their own,
    Not complaining for my situation unknown.
    But as friends can expect call,
    Which can calm brain's twilight hall.
    It's Okay this is effect of time,
    Which hasn't even left friends brime.