• upsilon400 6w

    #moon I made a #song for sailors. #night
    #fear the dark, the unknown, being far away from home

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    Woman of the Moon

    Greetings to thee, O woman of moon
    who sees the journey's traveller.
    Seafarers sing while stargazers wonder
    such the onlooker prays for a boon.

    Weeper, the one who creeps at the night
    following and tearing the sight,
    groaning throughout the wax-waning light
    staining in a cowering fright.

    Why cry! The sailors oft to tell
    and hope that the fears would dispel.
    But yonder shipman sailing afar
    beyond the darkful twilight stars.

    Tethers and fetters which you see
    amongst kismet such vile agony,
    long we and I to be set free
    heed us, our calls lady of divinity.

    Rise and arise, look up with your eyes
    had you heard the most solemn of cries
    up above and so very high
    she teared from the holy sky.