• thepoeticprophet 10w

    This Pen

    With this pen in my hand im so much more than I could ever be
    So much more than what the naked eye could ever see
    With a gifted tongue and a way with words
    Whenever there's pen and paper I get a surge
    To write...
    What people are afraid to say
    To define the times of this modern day
    Stuck in this tormenting jail called society
    Where I am being judged solely by my sobriety or either the color of my skin
    Oh my wounded generation where do I began
    Slavery is over but we're still in shackles and chains
    Enslaved by the madness that goes on in our brains
    Our hearts and souls are all we have left to save
    Listen to this young prophet rant and rave
    Madness i declare, madness at a time when the world needs love
    Self destruction is our favorite drug
    The government is off raging third country wars
    When the real problems are knocking on our front doors
    With this pen in my hands I wrote the truth that I heard the children cry
    Because in the end it will be their generation who decides
    Whether us selfish adults live or die