• divine_of_love_ 9w


    Fresh air I can feel it
    When I talked about you
    Today , I am someone's place
    Trying to replace someone's name

    No more tears left in my eyes
    Maybe I am not okie this time
    Hope one day everything alright
    Hope Everything end in the perfect light

    I still remember
    How you treat me first day
    I never knew that
    Someday I can see your worst face
    I still remember
    When you promised me
    That you never let me go
    But every time you leave me and I cry alone

    I hate when you missed him in your alone time
    I cry when you say I don't understand you right
    I speechless when you shout at me in nights
    I beg you to stay with me
    Like I do in past

    Maybe I am the different
    Or maybe I am the wrong one
    But I am younger then you
    Still never leave your path

    You never listen my opinions
    Never understand what I wanted
    Always get drunk and you should be happy
    Never thought how I am dealing with this whiskey

    We go to the church and history was repeat
    You put ring on my finger and kissed on my cheek
    Promised me you never left me
    Promised me you always be with me
    But you always leave me alone in dark
    And I comeback with my broken heart

    I can't justify or maybe things shattered with time
    I want someone with I can speak and cry this time
    I trying to look happy either you broke me every time
    I still love you or maybe my love is blind

    I try , I try , I try
    But You go away
    I screaming your name
    Saying love me again
    Saying don't leave me again
    Begging and want you again
    But you never look behind
    And I try , I try , I try
    And In night screaming your name
    Standing alone and screaming your name

    I feel so broke even you are not here anymore
    I think I am gonna cry
    I think I regret this time
    I gave him my all love without saying any word
    But he never looked at me
    Like I always looked at him first!