• suchetarajput23 36w

    @depthof_heart You!!.... the most adorable person of my life...in other words inspiration...
    Aged than me but use to talk as if you are of mine....
    Silence may surround you but couldn't own you...never upsets me ...if do then apology will be the foremost thing in the form of "SORRY" you would like to distribute free of cost
    I love to share everything firstly with you cause you are my every time friend too...
    You!!... the best part of my life.. actually my life ��..
    You!!...The most wonderful , happiest and the bestest thing that could ever be likely to happen to me ...
    Words are less for you but these are enough from me ....and I'm truly sorry if I have hurted you at any point
    "Cutiepie" ever be the cutest Nick name I could provide you
    Love you��
    And miss you �� @thebabblingbrook @writersnetwork @poetryandlyrics

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