• tiwarianushka17 5w

    My sunshine

    I saw him dancing merrily on the ground,
    Considering me his friend; playing around.
    How he fed me with my own fruits,
    Inside my heart his love grew deep roots.

    How he introduced me to his friends with the word 'mine',
    When my skies didn't came up with sun he became my sunshine,
    When I begged for water with my throat all dried,
    He was the only one with water who replied.

    He was a kid then and me budding bright,
    He saw beauty in me but with time there was a change in sight,
    I grew older and the ground went silent,
    Everyday he passed by but unnoticed I went.

    I hated my destiny, I hoped I could walk,
    I would have saved him from getting hurt by that rock.
    I saw his knees bleeding, my heart was bleeding along,
    Everything seemed so pointless and wrong.

    Days passed, weeks passed, years passed waiting for Max,
    One fine day he came but not alone he had an axe.
    Maybe he forgot the bond once we shared,
    One who heard my thrust, today my cries he didn't heard.

    So, here I lie broken lifeless on the street,
    I am not complaining, it was our last meet.
    He forgot me but I still consider him my sunshine
    Afterall he is a human and I just a tree which once he called 'mine'.