• ankitvatsav 6w

    I didn't say that I was hurt, I didn't say that I felt bad,
    I didn't say that I was drunk, I didn't say that I felt mad,
    That day when I was about to drink,
    That poison-us and made me shrink,
    That drop of loneliness, that made me think,
    Of you as I think of many things, but one new that I did find,
    Cuz one mad just met the calm, when arrogance just met the kind,
    I don't know if it's all true but all I know is I LOVE YOU,
    Just met the brain in my heart, all it wants is simply YOU,
    I don't know the game but I know the rules,
    And I am making one for these simple fools,
    Running after just like the dead, but I decide the vibe and leave the goons!
    All I know, All I know is YOU'RE MINE,
    All I know, All I know is WE HAVE TIME,
    We're gonna make the world look to it's best,
    Draft the jealous and leave a sign,
    It's been a long time since I've written something,
    And long time since I've hidden something,
    Long time since I've thrown a curse,
    More time with you is a fun thing,
    I don't know how to frame this now, don't know how to say it all,
    They say love makes you blind, it made me blind and made me fall,
    And what an irony it was, I fell from the heights but I didn't call,
    Any of those who did I trust, any of those that I would just,
    Call when I felt just off the game, whenever I felt that I would rust!
    If my life's a queue, then you're the 'Q',
    Time may pass, be fresh as new,
    A bllion lovers but like me are few,
    They see YOU in world, I see the world in YOU.