• inevitable 5w


    I am a princess in his eyes
    I know he is always be there
    Even if everyone cut the ties

    He taught me how to deal with society
    Told me to keep my chin up
    with love at it utmost peity
    Do not get scared if things go wrong
    You can conquer this war if you are headstrong

    He is the support i need
    He taught me to do good deed
    He is the guardian angel in my life
    He is that protection I always thrive

    His smile makes me happy
    He taught me to stay away from people who are creepy
    Told me to go on the way I wanted
    Even if its hard to give permission but he granted

    Distance has no space in this connection
    I feel very happy
    When he share his burden with me
    To give me the better understanding of the situation

    Life became beautiful to have you as my mentor
    Not only this life
    I want all my next lives
    To have you as my father