• taiye_ishola 20w

    At that time, at Inchon
    your cheeks will be Rubicon.
    You will wake up.

    'Where am I?'

    'What is this place?'

    'How did I get here?'— your questions
    under the haze.

    The Chrysanthemums will hover, hung
    at the patina.
    Dressed for your birthday— you are so young.
    You watched the gallina.

    A door will open, as will your hope.
    The intruder will say, 'Welcome back your highness.'
    You will shake your head and bark laughter.

    'This is a joke right?': you were the girl,
    who used to lose things,
    and get bullied with stings.

    When you realize what is going on,
    you will be gossamer transparent—
    disappearing: inherent.

    #DU #writersnetwork #sciencefiction

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