• dipanjan_b 9w

    Black and white

    You speak of ink, a painted skin,
    I speak of human souls.
    You speak of melanin dark and thin,
    I fail to see your goals.
    I fail to see through distant thoughts,
    Where it all began?
    A gust of hatred breaking pots,
    The gloomy face of man.
    How have men grown so insane?
    Saviours snapping breath.
    You choked a man to silent brain,
    Fiddling with the faith.
    Geroge we know you gasped for air,
    Agony held you tight.
    Kissing deep into the layer,
    It was a terrible fight.
    I can't breathe, I can't breathe,
    It's all we could hear.
    They strangled you with no heed,
    A terrible death Oh dear.
    Live O mortals, smart a soul,
    Get a life of pride.
    You have lost the worthy role,
    In shameful graves they hide.
    They feel ashamed to make you man,
    To let you rule the earth.
    Unworthy souls of filthy span,
    Gratuitous is thy birth.
    You get to hear the agony cries,
    The feeble voice of him.
    How O mortals this deed of vice,
    Will ever fill thy whim?
    My heart cries in need of peace,
    The world is heading hell.
    I pray to the idol holding bliss,
    Let them grow up well.