• eeshani_dasgupta 5w

    A Note

    I heard my mother cry, her head on my stomach, questioning the Lord himself, ready to wage a war against the creator of herself, for the lone sake of her child. I wish I could tell her how much I love her. "I don't deserve you Ma, never have I", my words caught up in the oblivion, refusing to seep into the plane my mind was slowly withdrawing from. I heard sobs, that seemed to be fading away, my father. My brother was screaming in helplessness, the doctors were trying hard to pump life back into me. I could hear my niece, 7 years old, sobbing, shaking my left foot and calling my name - she was evidently scared that the cardioversion was hurting me.

    "I'm so tired of being happy", I heard my voice get reflected back in my head, "I still doubt if I have ever been worthy enough of the love you have all given me"..

    My beloved, far off from this scene, was perhaps waiting for my text - it was about time I'd have been done with my dinner, as usual.

    "I love you all so much, don't worry about me not being around, ok? I'll be right here, I promise.. Don't you all cry, don't you all dare...."

    "And S, don't come back at midnight now. I wouldn't be able to wait today, or tomorrow, or ever again. I didn't tell you, thought you'd be worried, so now I just wish you never come to know of what it all came down to."

    "I'm helpless now that I can't move but I have so much to say. I have no reason to leave, but who can alter destiny?" I tried hard to push the words out of my head, but all in vain. Everything echoed back, but little could I hear, because I crammed all my focus on the voices that were now softening, and distancing - away, and farther away.. and a JOLT! I wake up. It had not ended. SOMETHING had not ended.

    It was dark....

    But how do I tell you the stories of afterlife when you're not supposed to know them until

    - Eeshani Dasgupta