• grotesque 5w

    Note: Art

    I, the grotesque human, have some exception
    When I am wide awake thinking of prodigies
    I posses. But, at least I do not exquisitely
    Fall into the category of an artist. I am mostly
    A story teller; of my kind. I am forgotten but
    I do not forget how one ignores what's there
    On the table. As a human, I take great leap
    In believing humans could do better. Yet, what is
    Better to you might be unfair to me. Hence, the
    Philosophy behind emotion is vague. It is so
    Simple and crystal clear that a humam has to
    Not know to undo. When we are awakened by
    Our own connections we roam here and there
    For the search of an answer, desperately trying to
    Grasp of any comprehension. It can be a midnight
    Of struggling thoughts. It can be that warmth within
    A blanket on a wintery night. It can also be a lonely
    Long road. The darkness that a time possess are
    Nothing but are something devoid of ample illumination.
    And there we are wondered, why we love so much
    That is unseen. We love because it intrigues us
    To a thirsty ride. We love those who makes us
    Weaker. As an avid learner of the concept of art
    And artists, I , the grotesque human, always
    Found out that an art has the ability to melt us.
    Yet, we all are focusing only on the process of art
    And not real art itself. May be, the journey of
    Self discovery to self proclaimed art is a myth.
    Or may be, we all are just a pawn to witness art
    In our own style. Be it whatever, our emotions are marvellous.