• litymunshi 23w

    Hand mirror

    small thy frame in
    golden round wooden
    craft an age old

    come darling
    inside my palm
    tell me how my
    make up glowing

    next door pretty woman
    reflection of eyes
    i see nothing but

    coated face shining
    in pink touchy leaf
    thy heart is glass

    ,may break into pieces
    take away few
    believes of a heart

    unseen perfume
    in lovely love
    small thy looks

    larger lavish green
    valley personality
    on earth

    You are hand mirror
    inside my bag
    thy true words rituals

    a magical vague
    interpretation about

    dear ,deep in deeper
    thee impure unreached
    a hand mirror feelings
    on another
    mirror in eyes.
    Precious thy heart
    home of stranger's