• chronicmelancholic 5w

    On a Piece of Parchment

    The halls were all old and dilapidated, the moon shined through the curtains, and it was all oddly beautiful and unsettling. This old mansion sat on top of a hill looking down on whoever passes by but none dare to enter due to superstitious beliefs. I was set on understanding this mysterious house ever since I layed eyes on it as a child growing up, heading to school. The floorboards feel like they would break with one misplaced step, so I must be careful up on the 2nd floor. To fall through would be a gnarly blunder. I'm making my way through each room and seeing that there's a kid's room, the parents room, and it looks like they had a teenager but I'm not sure. There was one final room at the end of this hall, it looked like a study. It was full of papers and books most likely from a time way before me, and as I look the dates confirm this. As I read there was a breeze coming from an open window and it's been shattered most likely from trespassers like me with nothing better to do. So far these books seem to be fictional classics like Moby Dick but there's files. I skimmed through some files and I'm getting that there was an eviction notice and unpaid bills, seems like something went down. As I continue to snoop I find a piece of parchment in the desk, it looks a lot more preserved that the other papers. I gloss over it and immediately I feel a chill down my spine as the note read in 4 words "You shouldn't be here." Immediately I felt a presence staring down on me as I felt that I wasn't alone anymore.