• eyeamtheway 15w

    People like me we are not meant to be understood
    We don't belong to any crowd
    It might almost seem
    That we are cursed to be alone.
    Our lesson here
    is to discover inundating love
    On our own, to realise enticing realities,
    To imagine innovative ways of living.

    People like me we don't belong to anyone
    Or any cause.
    We belong to nothing
    And we serve what is lacking.
    We think in colours unknown,
    We feel with the depth of our souls.
    We speak of things unheard
    We see a world ignored and hidden.

    People like me we belong to no roads, no walls,
    No nations, no planets.

    We are the children of abyss,
    We belong to the great unkown.

    E. P.