• nanyaerondu 6w

    The Treasures of the Mine

    Down deep in this heart of mine.
    Down deep in this soul of mine.
    I crave the goodness of the mine.
    This mine miles beyond my grasp.
    Penning this I crave the treasures.
    Treasures of the mine still beyond my grasp.
    And the treasures of the mine must I indulge in soon.

    The strength of the unicorn deep down in me.
    The tenacity of the brave I crave deep down.
    The courage of the resilient buried deep down.
    In this soul of mine I crave the treasures of the mine.
    I crave the success embedded in the mine.
    I crave the caresses found in the arms of the mine.
    It's fame and beauty to touch and rescue the fallen.
    The treasures of the mine.

    This mine miles away unreachable.
    Deep down in my heart must I reach.
    My fond illusion to grasp this mine miles beyond.
    When the mine has been reached.
    This mission of mine to altruistic greatness.
    This altruism rings a bell in my heart.
    The swaying of my soul to its melody .
    I keep moving till the mine I can reach.
    Treasures of the mine