• namia28 23w

    Say it
    speak the goddamn truth
    shout it from the rooftops
    sing in on your balconies
    paint it on the streets
    write it on your skin
    brand in onto your chest
    superheroes don't wear a cape anymore
    superheroes speak the goddamn truth
    even when it could harm you
    Even if you have to smuggle it out
    In the dead of the night
    Through a deadly ravine
    It can make you lose friends
    It'll earn you real enemies
    Life won't be the same as before
    You'd be shunned
    Laughed at
    your throat will go sore
    you'll crave the shore
    struggle to swim in the black sea
    full of lies
    it won't be easy
    but you won't have blood on your hands
    you won't earn the wrath of the oppressed
    you'll have a conscience to live with
    and the ability to look at your reflection without shame
    And in this world full of sham
    That's something worth living for.