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    I know I am late to raise my voice but I just can't help it. We are all aware of the news of an 8-year old Asifa brutally raped by a gang of men. How cruel; isn't it? Raped inside a temple!! A holy, religious place...Dirtied by such an obscene act!! I can't even imagine the pain they'd have given to that poor soul. What harm did she do to them? Is it because she was a Muslim? Or is it because she invited them to share her bed? I just can't understand why they did that to her. I can't even find words to describe such atrocious men. What is even happening to this world? Does humanity even exist? What a dark time to be alive!!
    Next thing I wanna ask is to the aunties and uncles in our society. You teach us not to wear short skirts, jeans, high heels; as you say they are sure to evoke any man's sexual desires. You say, "Boys will be boys." As a girl I believe that it's us who decide what to wear and how to be. No I'm not saying that we'll do whatever we want. Everything has a limit and I'm sure we are aware of it. Boys please learn to control your lustful emotions. I wear a short skirt and if your sexuality is aroused, that's not my fucking problem. Move with it. (Ps. I would like to point out that I'm not mentioning all of you guys. I know there are good ones among you.) Get some psychiatric help if you can't restrain yourselves. I am being so frank because I am fed up with the cruelty shown to us. Coming back to Asifa's case, let me ask. What was the child wearing?A bikini? A short skirt? If it wasn't for her apparels, then how did she attract 8 men at one go? Did she go out at night? Was she hot? Have an answer? Then please tell me. I seriously don't understand that's why.
    I am ashamed of my country. How many rape cases!! How many victims and how many rapists are you producing every year, India?? Are you thriving to become a nation with the largest number of rape cases? Is that what you want? Shame on our laws!!! I'd suggest our law-makers to refer to the laws of other countries, especially to those of the Islamic ones. Any kind of disturbance to any woman, and the culprit's head is either chopped off, or he is shot infront of the public. This is mainly done in public so as to warn men. A kind of fear is introduced in their minds, which often prevents them from harming women. I am not saying that theirs is a country with no sexual harassments. What I am saying, is that the number of cases there, is not even the half of those that is happening in India.
    What really shocked me,is the villagers' protest to release the culprits. They didn't even allow Asifa's body to be buried in their village. I was like, seriously? Didn't the girl's death bring even an inch of pain to their soul? Didn't the horrific death of her disturb them? What kind of humans are they? Are they even humans? I thought humans are capable of having feelings and emotions. But I was proven wrong by the villagers of Kathua. Would they do the same if it was their daughters and sisters and mothers instead of Asifa? Who knows...!
    To all my ladies out there. We live in a society that tells us ways in which we would not get raped or harassed. We are expected to act according to the patriarchal ideologies our society has framed. What it tells is that men are the superior gender, while women, a very lower, weaker creation of God, are their slaves. There is nothing wrong to stand up for our needs and rights. We have to realize the fact that we are not only fighting for us, but also for our future generation. We must possess the courage to say "NO" wherever and whenever we have to. As youngsters, lets all stand united for our little sister Asifa. Let us join hands and protest until the rapists are executed.

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