• babypanda 31w

    Ugly toad

    He was an introvert but she was vibrant, flawed and depressed for months.
    None could get her struggles,
    As her smile did hid all the hurdles.
    Her gloomy eyes was the only one
    Who made him to loose faith
    Upon his own observations.
    He did saw her as a charming angel
    But some other story was being narrated by her tired eyelashes.
    Her silent cries was haunting him constantly,
    And thus he decided to confront her finally.
    She tried to ignore him as she didn't wanted anyone to become a part of her nuisance.
    But God did had a master plan done for them.
    And none did knew that they were going to be another Romeo-Juliet.
    Love took its entry and killed all the beauty of her lustrous worries and nightmares.
    The vibrant and crazy soul was back in his life
    And thus he made sure to enjoy both their sorrows and joyous moments together forever after that.