• davidrodriguez 10w


    What is that stays, when it finally leaves?
    Oh the magnificence mankind has given away!
    Running to and fro and so often forgetting that it's today
    Oh silence my love, I wonder if they think our soul is quiet?
    So many dreams, so many riots
    Do I turn my cheek to please the crowd?
    Or is it so I can sooner get back to you in now?
    Well I overheard a man call me a fool
    My heart did jump, I asked myself, could this really be true?
    What an honor!
    I should have shook his hand
    He'd reminded me how I had given up on living for a plan
    But yet I stand
    Head up and heart full
    Of riches more convincing than my temporary moods
    Who can take this from me?
    If such a soul existed, I would see them in the mirror
    But I've died and rose again so I'd be free of such an error
    Beauty passes
    so do gods
    But here?
    Before what's in front and what's behind?
    This is what I'll call divine