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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 11 Part 1

    Chapter 11
    Training With Challenger

    Crayon and his friends woke up and they got a message from Challenger.

    " I will join you all at training " the message said.

    " Sounds good to me " said Colouruke.
    " He will show his great abilities " said Colourea.
    " Bakers want him there, I understand the baker " said Artby.
    " I'm not sure about bakers, but we should eat our breakfast " said Colouruke.

    They made their breakfast which they enjoyed and then they headed out the door.

    " Morning " said Warbler.
    " It is time to train " said Allie.
    " It sure is " said Colourea.
    " Challenger will be there " said Colouruke.
    " Awesome " said Allie.
    " He will use some great techniques " said Warbler.
    " With the Smithsons around we need it all " said Crayon.
    " Let's go " said Colouruke.

    They then headed to the training area, where Challenger just arrived.

    " Good morning " said Challenger.
    " Good morning, Challenger " they all said.
    " Well we are here to train " said Challenger.
    " Let's get started, bakers want that " said Artby. " They respect our mouths so much, we must train hard for that "
    " Our mouths ? " asked Challenger. " How do they respect our mouths ? "
    " They use bread to treat our mouths with respect, bakers have truly loved my mouth " said Artby.
    " Bread is the way they show respect "
    " Well, we should start " said Challenger. " I have never heard about bakers loving someone's mouth in that way "

    Challenger, Crayon and Colourea used the Heatwave Implosion, Colouruke used the Ocean Implosion, Artby used the Sun Implosion while Warbler and Allie used the Sky Implosion.

    " Awesome " said Allie.
    " It is great to see " said Warbler.
    " Bakers will be very happy " said Artby.
    " Let's work on our blasts " said Challenger.

    Challenger used the Ultimate Disaster Blast, Crayon used the Ultimate Bird Blast, Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Blast, Artby used the Ultimate Sun Blast while Warbler and Allie used the Ultimate Sky Blast.

    " Very good " said Challenger.
    " The fact that both Crayon and Colourea can use Stage 3 blasts is insane " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, you will get there " said Crayon.
    " Thanks, I'll keep training hard " said Colouruke.
    " Time to use our bombs " said Challenger.

    Challenger, Crayon and Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb, Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb while Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Sky Bombs.

    " It is great to see this " said Challenger.
    " It sure is " said Allie.
    " We are ready for the Smithsons " said Crayon.
    " That is just the way that bakers would want it " said Artby.
    " Bakers ? " asked Colourea.
    " Bakers do not want the Smithsons continuing the way they are " said Artby. " They understand us as people, their baking has helped to do that "
    " We should use our strikes " said Challenger.

    Challenger used his Tenfold Disaster Strike, Crayon used his Tenfold Bird Strike, Colourea used her Tenfold Heatwave Strike, Colouruke used his Tenfold Ocean Strike, Artby used his Tenfold Sun Strike while Warbler and Allie used their Tenfold Sky Strikes.

    " Awesome " said Challenger.
    " There is something we should see "
    " What is that ? " asked Allie.
    " The office " said Challenger.
    " We should head there "

    They headed outside the office and then they went inside and they saw the Bear logo.

    " Their logo ? " asked Colouruke.
    " What is that doing there ? " asked Colourea.
    " The Smithsons must have came here " said Challenger.
    " Fuck " said Artby.
    " Yeah, they may have stolen something " said Crayon.
    " Knowing them, they probably stole a lot " said Warbler.
    " Let's check upstairs " said Allie.

    They checked upstairs and they read the first notice.