• suhangi 10w


    As I walked in with a smiling face and a garland in my hand,
    The scenario was becoming more abnormal for me to stand.
    I can do it and I will do it today,
    Before the scenario becomes grey.
    These lines rushed to my mind
    As I entered the cafe and tried to find
    The guy, who is now more than a friend to me,
    To explain him and make him understand and plea.
    To stay with me forever
    And happily after ever.
    As I took a step inside the cafe,
    Every memory,on my mind,of ours, started to play.
    My heartbeat elevated,
    As he saw me, agitated.
    While looking at me, he waved his hand,
    And when our eyes met, I landed to a dreamland.
    Where I saw him leaving,
    While I was heavily grieving
    As I confessed my feelings,
    He left in rush giving me dealings.
    As I came out in real world,
    I find myself in whirl.
    Blood rushed to my face making my cheeks blush,
    And I took a few steps back
    turned around and ran out in rush.