• danny_oct 9w

    Favorite Sensation

    When there’s sunshine in my life.
    Baby I know it’s you.
    Because you keep me warm, after the storm.

    Magic is what I’m feeling.
    I get this tingling sensation.
    Girl you give me liberation.
    It’s brings me up higher.
    It sings to me of love.

    It’s what you do.
    You know how to keep it true.
    Strong ties, open eyes, no lies
    Between us, there’s a tight trust.
    No worries, no worries, no worries.

    You’re my sugar,
    My favorite taste.
    The sweetness that fills my heart.
    You never go to waste.

    I’d travel the forgotten paths for you.
    Dive in the deep unknown.
    I’d walk through the danger zone for you.
    Fly through space and time.
    Because you’re always on my mind