• myragrace 6w

    Today's situation is that any law,any ideology can be easily manipulated where the words like feminism,modernisation revolving around the world especially in our country,there are certain individuals who play a victim card by using these concepts.The people who oppose such senseless people are titled to be the anti-feminists or old fashioned.Such fake propaganda hurts none but the main cause of feminism is sidelined.The main aim of feminism was to empower women,to help them achieve their goals,provide them support when they are deprived from their rights,whereas today the idea is totally being manipulated.Women with no goals,who does nothing productive or useful in her life talks about modernisation,gives lectures about feminism,demands equality where her only achievement is doing a tik tok and gaining fair number of instagram followers.Such women call themselves to be a social media influencer and injects idea of feminism is not having goals and saying individuality is about being close to whomever you want without being questioned,being modern is only about drinking and wearing shorts,if opposed by a person they thrash him/her by playing a feminist card.This country fails to treat men and women equally,Women rights are given for protection and these days women are using it as a shield to make the victim sound as their culprit.This assumed belief leads to disappointments, that courts are places where innocents get harassed, so the only way to get justice is to harass the opponents and thereby that harassment will force them to come to the bargaining table and close the cases.Indian society laughs on a man when he says he has been raped. India ridicules any complaint about male rape. Indian feminists and society think that only men are perpetrators of a heinous crime like rape and they don’t get that even women can rape a man. This is so disgusting; Owing to such psyche there are no laws for men who are survivors of rape.There is a lack of mainstream acceptance of systemic men’s issues.Such women who not only destroy themselves,they are a hindrance to the society.In a country which has been a land of great women like Kiran Bedi,Sarojini naidu,Shakunthala Devi,Anna Rajam Malhotra etc. the same country is now seeing the downfall of values and common sense in majority of individuals.To be born a man in India is a crime. And to marry an Indian girl is a heinous crime. And this is because of Independence today is all about doing what we want instead of what is right.
    KVS teja