• __brahmleen 5w

    Soft zephyr at
    night's backyard
    she walks on the
    pedestal of thee
    throbbing harmonium
    on the shiny willow
    of stars at Moon's abyss
    her feet serving
    flee to her
    serene wings
    as child gasps
    during lachrymose
    shivery manus turning
    to smooth bucket
    on left pouring plain
    liquid to blushing smoky
    //gestures of her hands pouring waters to sky//

    filming real life tongue
    in cheek frowns
    postiche gleams
    filled with rough
    skinned whoopies
    trumpets humming
    hollers playing with
    string of
    knitted breath under
    the puddle of clouds
    Voilin tempo of meteors
    in cascade season
    mellow fruits of little joy
    giggly murmured
    in shade of
    glassy waters
    //She is relishing her sadness while filming them through dance//

    gnarled skin of feet in bulky bosom
    of compulsions
    penetrating to unfurl the
    new scenes of cold dark midair
    arched head speaking the
    unknown plights of cosmos
    ere entering out the melancholic
    womb unveiling the loud
    hues in horizons of life and
    death luxating around the
    dark eden delightening the unknown
    mystic flames rushing from bloody
    hands vocalising her existence
    and ashes from mehroon
    thumb of feet enchanting the survival
    violet large lashes winked touching
    the euphoria in a new virgin
    world she felt alive
    after a while.
    //she is penetrating the plights of life and death while expressing her unknown struggles she made during her journey//



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    Violet large lashes winked touching
    the euphoria in a new
    world she felt alive
    after a while.